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My Arthur/Eames Table

Claim: Inception, Arthur/Eames
Title: "ex-"
Author: solvent90
Prompt: 17. Jealousy.
Rating: PG
Length: medium
Brief summary: Eames never realized that Arthur was gay until he meets Arthur's ex. And then he gets jealous because if Arthur's going to be with a man, it should be him. A clever and cute little story.
Link to the story: ex-


Claim: Inception, Arthur/Eames
Title: "Pants on Fire"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] helenish
Prompt: 21. Epiphany.
Rating: NC-17
Length: epic
Brief summary: The team suffers from temporary amnesia and getting their memories back sparks a bit of an epiphany. Sometimes it takes forgetting about the people in your life to appreciate the fact that they're there. I could read this fic every day, because the descriptions and the dialogue are beautiful to me, the characterizations insightful and creative. As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best fics in this fandom.

Arthur stays awake a little longer, feeling—good. He’s well-fed and warm, growing drowsy, limbs loose from sex, Eames tucked up against him, clean soft sheets, the skyline twinkling distantly out the long window opposite the bed; it’s not how he’s grown used to ending his days, these last months with Cobb. A part of him doesn’t want to go to sleep in case it is a dream, but he’s pretty sure it’s not at this point. He’s pretty sure this is his life: Cobb squared away with the kids, comfortable, interesting job, jawdroppingly fuckable boyfriend who’s in love with him, who cooks for him, not bad, Arthur congratulates himself. Not fucking bad at all.

In the morning, he opens his eyes and remembers.


Eames blinks. Arthur watches his face carefully.

"You were acting a little out of character," Eames says. He shrugs on his shirt and starts doing up the buttons. "Now that I think of it."

Link to the story: Pants on Fire
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