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My Arthur/Eames Table

Claim: Inception, Arthur/Eames
Title: "good night, sleep tight"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verselle
Prompt: 13. Established Relationship.
Rating: NC-17
Length: medium
Brief summary: This is a somnophilia kink fic, with Arthur and Eames in an established relationship. So it's a sexy fic but what it's really about is trust. It's amazing how well they work together.
Link to the story: good night, sleep tight


Claim: Inception, Arthur/Eames
Title: "Can't Get Enough of You (Baby)"
Author: [personal profile] renay
Prompt: 27. Original Character.
Rating: NC-17
Length: epic
Brief summary: The original character in this is Eames' daughter. I love that with this fic you're getting both sides of the story, the sweetness of raising a baby and the worry about the dangers their work could bring into her life. There's a depth to the fic that really rings true.
Link to the story: Can't Get Enough of You (Baby)
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